Celebrate Pride 2024

Stand together and rise above

This year's Pride theme is all about unity. So get ready to lock arms, lift each other up, and embrace individual and collective identities with pride!

Together, we are a community - empowered to rise above any obstacles in our path.

Mark your calendars for June and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us at Pride events. Let’s come together, celebrate what makes us unique, and show the world what solidarity truly means!


Kim Atkins


It seems each year the list of pride events grows, and I am proud to say we have another fantastic season lined up. From the first weekend of June all the way into July, from Hudson to Plattsburgh, we will be out in the communities we serve showing our support.

Whether you march with us, or simply enjoy the day, I encourage all of my friends, family and colleagues to show up, stand proud, and have some fun.

Kim Atkins,

Executive Director

Pride Event Calendar

Pride Photo Gallery 2024

Glens Falls Pride – June 2

Glens-falls-pride-2024 celebrating-pride-in-glens-falls