I couldn’t have had a more positive experience

I went here for the first time to get free testing and got a test that was administered by Brooks. This place not only has the most calmest ambiance, but the nicest staff ever, especially Brooks. I couldn't have had a more comfortable, validating, non-judge-mental, and overall positive experience.


I feel blessed

I feel blessed to have {AFPH counselor}. I don’t normally ask for help for many reasons but she made me feel like it was an honor for her to be working with me.


Grateful and humbled

I’m grateful and humbled by your agency and I’m glad that they were able to transfer from just AIDS to other chronic illnesses as well to be able to reach out to more people. I’ve learned that I don’t live with AIDS, AIDS lives with me. Once I graduate from case management I am looking to be a volunteer to assist with outreach.