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Maintaining client confidentiality is a core value of the Alliance for Positive Health. People living with HIV/AIDS can often face discrimination and stigma and the agency is responsible for ensuring clients' information is not disclosed without written permission. The Alliance for Positive Health is mandated under federal and state law to keep all client information confidential. It is critical that staff understand the importance of client confidentiality and are equipped with the information and training necessary to adhere to confidentiality policies and procedures. Breaches of confidentiality are serious, they erode our clients' trust in us, compromise our professionalism as an agency, and expose us to potential legal action.

Black Lives Matter Statement

Alliance for Positive Health has been a community leader for over 37 years in providing services for those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. Our community is in pain. This is a time to right wrongs of the past, wrongs directed at the Black community, at all persons of color, and at all persons disenfranchised by systemic injustice. All organizations can do better and must do better. The Alliance, through the combined efforts of its leadership, staff, and Board of Directors, is committed to looking inward to ensure that the work we do, our policies, staffing, and services reflects race equity and justice. Racism is a community health issue. We at Alliance not only stand with you, we will also move forward with you - in peace and unity. Black lives matter. Your life matters to us. You are Alliance.

AAPI Statement

Alliance for Positive Health strongly stands with its Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) employees and community against the increasing racism and violence they are facing. We at the Alliance aim to combat the long history of racism and xenophobia against the AAPI community. As a leading health organization in Northeastern New York, the Alliance for Positive Health will remain dedicated to providing vital services to our AAPI neighbors and their families.

HIXNY - Healthcare Information Exchange New York

Alliance for Positive Health is an active member of HIXNY (Healthcare Information Exchange New York). HIXNY aims to extend the collaborative use of health information technology with other regional medical professionals in a shared effort to improve healthcare delivery. Learn more information at

Alliance for Positive Health Accessibility Statement

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