LGTBQ Initiative

Eligible: LGBTQ+ & Transgender individuals with a focus on Communities of Color in rural communities
Linkage to behavioral health (mental health and substance use services), medical services, HIV/HCV/STI testing and treatment, PrEP, prevention and support services; social media campaigns.

People Aging with HIV

Eligible: People over 50 years of age living with HIV
Outreach, case management, psychosocial support, health education, risk reduction, insurance navigation, cognitive, physical and behavioral health screening services, and technology coaching.

Women’s Program

Eligible: Women of color living with or at risk of HIV
Assist individuals to find and maintain medical care, address barriers, and navigate complex systems to access health and support services.

White Medical Transportation

Eligible: People living with HIV/AIDS
Transportation assistance for individuals with HIV/AIDS – taxi rides, bus passes, gas cards, bus/train tickets.

Ryan White Part D

Eligible: People living with HIV/AIDS
Care Management Services for Women with HIV to promote independent functioning and improve health outcomes.

Ryan White Emerging Communities

Eligible: People living with HIV/AIDS
Provides intensive supports for men who have sex with men and who are experiencing barriers to maintaining treatment. Wrap around supports to LGBT individuals, women, people with mental health challenges, problem substance use and people living in poverty.

Ryan White Case Management/Health Education

Eligible: People living with HIV/AIDS
Assistance to maintain medical care and services for non-Medicaid HIV/AIDS recipients. Provide referrals and coordination of services. Educational sessions to address stigma and barriers to care.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Eligible: People at risk for HIV, Partners of people living with HIV
Assists individuals at risk for HIV connect to PrEP treatment. Identifies barriers to getting on and staying on PrEP and provides resources and support to overcome those barriers.