Esther Patterson

We are deeply saddened to share the passing of our beloved colleague, Esther Patterson.

Esther was many things to many people. A wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, birth doula, sister, leader, colleague, friend, mentor, advocate, giver, and so much more. She was a force of nature with a radiant smile and boundless energy. She believed anything was possible and wouldn't hear the word no.

Her passion was in finding healthcare equity for those who need it most. A long-time birth doula, she worked tirelessly to eliminate the inequities in birth outcomes for all birthing people. As Co-Chair of the Board of Directors for BirthNet, she was a staunch advocate for women and a fierce protector of children.

Here at the Alliance, Esther led a women's group for black women with histories of trauma, she fought to find service providers for those at risk of or diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. She was in the communities we serve, going anywhere and everywhere to advocate for their care. She had a profound impact on our agency, our clients, and each of us.

Esther was a cherished member of this community. Her passing leaves a dark hole in our hearts, as it also does for so many around us. Her legacy of love, equity, and hope will continue to inspire us, and we will eternally treasure our memories with her.

Esther Patterson